UC launches building quality centre


The University of Canberra’s (UC) Faculty of Arts and Design has developed the International Building Quality Centre (IBQC), to look at the challenges currently facing the building industry with regards to safety and security.

Professor Charles Lemckert, Head of School of Design and Built Environment at UC, said the centre has “come out of the need to look at legislation, regulations and requirements of the building industry to make sure we have the right standards and quality of buildings going up, into the future”.

“We will look at all aspects of building quality, including fire safety and health related matters.”

The IBQC aims to bring together “experts from around the world” to look at best practices and how they can be implemented in the Australian building industry to create “better quality outcomes”.

“It is very timely given the Grenfell Tower incident, which is a cladding design issue. There have been building quality issues with the Opal Tower in Sydney and the Melbourne Cricket Ground. We now have the opportunity to step back, have a look at the industry, and make it better,” Professor Lemckert said.

There will be opportunities for UC students, as well as policymakers, practitioners and academics to use the resources of the new centre, which will generate an online library to compile best practice research.


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