Renter’s health during the summer months



Renting advocacy group Better Renting has released a report on renter’s health during the summer months. Findings showing renters are “four times more likely” to struggle in the summer heat than those who own their home.

The report, Home baked: housing, heat, and health, argues older Australians, people with mental illness and the socially isolated are most at risk of heat-related health issues. Also that climate change effects and an ageing population are likely to make the situation worse for renters.

“People deserve homes that offer them shelter from the heat in summer. What we’re seeing is that renters are particularly suffering, and their landlords are giving them no relief. Rental properties should be required to meet minimum standards to be safe in heatwaves,” says Better Renting executive director, Joel Dignam.

Mr Dignam called on governments to act for renter’s health: “more energy-efficient buildings, more vegetation in our cities, and more rooftop solar. These are all measures that will make it easier for people to keep their homes at a healthy temperature”.

“When it gets too hot, it becomes very clear who is getting left behind in our society. We mustn’t let vulnerable Australians become victims to climate change.”


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