Rental changes introduced





The ACT Government has introduced the last of its reforms to the Territory’s rental system, with the end goal to simplify and streamline the renting process for Canberrans, according to Attorney-General Gordon Ramsay.

Mr Ramsay said he was confident these reforms would achieve that for both tenants and landlords, and said a simplified system would benefit the “entire community”.
The changes will include protections for renters against “unreasonable evictions”, a maximum of two weeks rent payable in advance, and “clearer definitions” of the rights of both tenants and landlords.

Mr Ramsay said the changes would ensure a fairer system for tenants, and a clearer framework for landlords: “the old system of tenancy laws was outdated, often skewed in the favour of one party and lacked legal clarity around process, conditions, sustainability and fairness”.

Other reforms included in the package will make it easier to terminate a fixed term lease if moving into aged care or social housing, and ensure occupants have information about dispute resolution.

Landlords will find it easier to apply for a termination of an agreement if the property has been used for illegal activity and will be required to lodge security deposits with the Office for Rental Bonds if they are not an education provider.

Reforms were introduced last year in a bid to protect renters from excessive rent increases, as well as making it easier for tenants to own a pet, make modifications to their home and break a lease without significant costs.


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