First Ginninderry residents move in




Diverse family parents and little daughter sitting together on sofa in living room at new home. People surrounded by carton boxes resting indoors. Buy new house and improve living conditions concept

The first residents of Ginninderry have moved into their new home.

First home buyers Lauren Welfare and Matt Lewer moved into their flex-living home in Ginninderry’s first suburb of Strathnairn. Matt said the young couple initially thought they would “have to settle for an apartment”.

“But as dog lovers that wasn’t going to work,” he said. “Ideally we were looking for three bedrooms, good living spaces for entertaining and an outdoor area but that can be hard to find on a budget.”

“When we found these Flexi-living homes we knew straight away that we’d found what we were looking for,” said Lauren.

Around 50 people are expected to move into Strathnairn in the coming months. Ginninderry will eventually be home to around 30,000 residents across four suburbs, three in the ACT and one just over the border in NSW.

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