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From kids’ bedrooms and the family room to outdoor spaces, DIY craft projects with the kids can be a fun – and budget – way to personalise your home. Or what about creating a craft space or room where kids can happily express their creativity.

Children love the opportunity to let their imagination shine. A dedicated space can help keep the craft chaos contained (hopefully) and, with cooler weather on the horizon, craft provides a fun indoor activity.

And there are additional benefits to grabbing the craft box and getting creative, according to Shannon Wong-Nizic, craft expert and owner of Oh Creative Day:

Making memories: Working on creative projects as a family is a beautiful way to make memories. Store your favourite craft to preserve these happy times with your children and you will also have a treasure trove of beautiful home-made decorations to enjoy for many years to come.

A chance to slow down: Many studies have highlighted that one of the benefits of crafting is that it causes us to slow down and connect with those around us.

Connecting through conversation: While their hands are busy crafting, children will often make comments that give you insights into their world and the way they perceive it. Crafting is the perfect opportunity to have rich conversations with your children to deepen your connection.

Screen-free time: Crafting is a wonderful ‘back to basics’ screen-free activity. It calls on families to turn the screens off and connect with each other. It can help with mindfulness and concentration, seeing a project through from start to finish without distractions.

An opportunity for self-expression: It gives children the chance to creatively express themselves while processing the world around them. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, just a chance to joyfully be in the moment enjoying freedom of expression.

It builds resilience and problem-solving skills: It can be frustrating when things don’t turn out the way you planned. Different materials work in different ways and can require problem-solving. Creating requires you to take risks when you’re not sure how things will look or work together. Crafting is a process that develops these important life skills.

Fine motor skills: Crafting is such a fun way to encourage children to practise and refine their fine motor skills. In order to hold a pencil and write, a child needs well-developed fine motor skills.

Craft makes us happy: It’s true! Scientists have declared it so! Crafting releases serotonin and dopamine, which can lift your mood.


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