ACT construction industry going strong: MBA


Master Builders ACT says the ACT construction industry has seen the second strongest growth nationally with an increase of 2,016 jobs in the Territory since the start of the year, according to ABS data.

“The ACT construction industry lost 5.8% of its workforce since February 2020 and has now added 2,016 jobs since the start of 2021,” said Master Builders ACT CEO Michael Hopkins.

“Seeing industry employment grow across the country and in particular the ACT, is a huge relief to the nearly 20,000 people employed in the local construction sector.”

He said the ACT’s growth, and the “significant rebound” in employment in the construction industry shows the impact of the industry on the greater economy.

“This new data shows the Federal and ACT Government that investment in the building and construction industry is a valuable investment in the overall performance of the economy.

“With every $1 spent generating $3 in economic return, it makes sense for the ACT and Federal Government to invest more into the building and construction industry.”

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