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Since 2009, Canberra Weekly has been one of Canberra’s leading influences in print media. Through entertaining and informative articles about our community, Canberra Weekly remains committed to providing quality content for our 96,000-plus readers a week. We cover news and current issues, politics and sport, food and entertainment, fashion and beauty, home and lifestyle, as well as motoring, trades and services and lots of real estate.

Having been the region’s most-read property guide for the last decade, Canberra Weekly Real Estate has now entered the digital space – providing the Canberra and surrounding community with the latest property listings anytime, anywhere and from any device.

Our website is user-friendly, easily navigated and ensures those looking to buy, sell or rent have all of the key information easily at hand. It makes Canberra Weekly a one-stop shop for real estate listings, ensuring they get the exposure and activity buyers and sellers deserve.

Whether you’re launching a new project, want to increase brand awareness in the market or get the best results for your vendor, Canberra Weekly Real Estate will help you reach your goal. Plus it is free to list!

Our dedicated team of journalists will provide a wide array of news, such as new developments, property insights, agent profiles, hot property and other real estate related content. The website also includes tips for your home and some of the best places to eat, play and shop around Canberra.

If you’re looking to either advertise in Canberra Weekly magazine, on our content website canberraweekly.com.au, or on canberraweeklyrealestate.com.au, please contact Samantha Watson on 0423 355 536 or samantha@canberraweekly.com.au

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