5 updates to refresh your backyard




Not all backyards are created equal in terms of available space – but where there’s a creative will, there’s a way to make the most of outdoor areas, big or small.

When it comes to updating your outdoor area, there are lots of ways to add interest, a pop of colour, or to transform an underutilised part of your home into functional spaces that look great.

For a quick update, or long weekend project, Stonehenge Beltana shares five simple tips to have your backyard looking fresh and fab!



With premium sawn-faces, natural shape and the charm of real bluestone basalt, Bluestone Steppers can be laid together or individually without much constraint to style as their natural look make them blend organically with natural surrounds.

Practically useful as a quick pathway or garden feature without the hassle of fully laid paving. A few individual steppers can easily add character and detail to an otherwise open area, making it an ideal quick DIY project. Little effort for big return!



 A simple way of adding life and flair to any outdoor space, pots can drastically set the tone of a garden or entertaining area. A small potted tree in an otherwise bare area can become a focal point or reshape the space.

The many different styles and sizes of pots lend them to a wide variety of spaces – from small patios to large backyard gardens – and styles – from contemporary to traditional, Oriental to European. When deciding the right pot, consider the size suitable for your space as well as the requirements for your desired plant or tree. Consider also the material e.g. lightweight pots are perfect for rentals or difficult to access areas.


Wall art

Nothing can reinvigorate an outdoor space as simply and impactfully as wall art. From complex metal work pieces to simple cut-outs and shapes, bare fences and walls are transformed into eye-catching canvases, setting the mood or starting a conversation. Installation is easy and requires minimal preparation, making wall art perfect for a quick option to enhance your outdoors.



No backyard is complete without outdoor furniture. Whether you’re looking to upgrade or have an empty space, outdoor furniture invites people to explore and enjoy otherwise unused areas of the yard. To help you choose, consider how you want your furniture to work: a small two-piece setting will draw in conversation and cosy activities, while a garden bench or swinging chair will encourage relaxation.


Decorative pebbles

Decorative pebbles are a quick and easy solution to a plain garden bed, pathway or patch of yard, adding character and charm for little effort. With a large variety of rock type, colour, shape and size to choose from, decorative pebbles can enhance existing colours in the yard or create a striking contrast. Once you’ve selected your desired colour, consider what size works best: larger pebbles are less likely to move when walked across but are less comfortable underfoot; and while smaller pebbles may suit a particular theme, dogs and frequent crossing may find them scattered throughout your yard.




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